Naruto Cosplay Akasuki Robe Cosplay Costume


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  • Gender         : Unisex
  • Item Type     : Jackets & Coats
  • Material        : Polyester 
  • Pattern         : Embroidery + printing
  • Size              :as picture
  • Special Use : Costumes

Enjoy looking mysterious and act as though you are hiding your real self as you wear your cloak and be surprisingly genuine and compassionate to your brother and to your friends.
You can simply become very impressive and wise and become very interested in your goals and loyalties. You will be loved by looking intimidating with the intensity of your gaze as well as the dark colors of your cloak.
Match it with a pronounced and softer hair and darker skin color. When you are on duty, do not forget to wear your mask.
Wear your headband which will symbolize the broken ties which you have in your village. Do not forget to wear dark purple nail polish n your fingers and toes and a necklace with three metal circle rings on it to finish your cosplay attire.
To play Itachi in Itachi cosplay you will have to provoke a mysterious demeanor and keep a part of you hidden from all of the other characters. With a lot of self control he tends to look as if he is emotionless, when in reality he still has a lot of emotions in side of him relating to the flash backs that he experiences. He doesn’t possess a sense of arrogance and is very rational in the decisions that he is making.
Itachi is a powerful ninja who is very intelligence in the way that he makes decisions and fights his battles.With sharp and observant skills he can make the right decision in the heat of the moment with a great intuition for whether or not he is being deceived by someone who is lying to him. Although he is categorized as a criminal he doesn’t revolve his life around violence and combat. He wants to avoid battle as often as he can, but if he needs to fight then he will pull through. His real loyalties are towards his work and his organization. He puts the success of his team mates and his organization before anything else through respect and courtesy.

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